• Steve The Philosophist

Why Fixing A Corrupt System From Within Will Fail

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Whatever the group, country club, party, or nation, there's a real obstruction to overcoming corruption that is easily overlooked. Be it the Democratic Party, the Republican Party or the House Of Slytherin, reform requires a real breakdown of the established group in order to be effective at removing their corruption.

Just to be clear, corruption in this context is when leaders are allowed to benefit from their position of authority at the expense of what would otherwise benefit the group they are leading while also hiding, deflecting, or lying about the fact. IOW, if the majority of the people knew and you don't think they would approve of the decision for you to benefit at their expense but you do it anyway, that is corruption.

The problem is that the organization that you wish to reform initially has power despite it's corruption. The corruption of the bipartisan system in the US, for example begins with the twisted games they play to misrepresent the actual will of the people.

First, the Winner-Take-All voting system forces us to remain binary. If we don't, the media never fails to tell third-party voters that their votes were wasted. They are not, but it never fails as a popular argument from the minority group that wins a winner-take-all election.

Most people involved at all vote in a general election, every 4 years. Fewer vote in the intermediate 2-year elections. Even fewer vote in the primaries, and the smallest voter turnout will vote for the delegates, IF we get to vote on our delegates at all (many districts don't).

Watch how this leads us all by the nose to vote for someone we never chose ourselves. The delegates, not the people, get to vote for the nominee in the primaries. Then the Electoral College, again, not the people and who are never voted for by the people at all, votes for a US President when the most people actually get involved and vote.

Then, there's other little head games they play on the ballots. DC and 31 states (including my home state of California) must declare a party in order to register to vote. The ballot we get represents and either informs us of the candidates we should choose or our party line or just removes all other options from it. Less than half of our states and territories are somehow not good enough to deserve the freedom to vote without a blatant advertisement for a ballot.

We are also denied a tiny morsel of education on the term 'abstain.' It's the stance you take when you can't make an honest decision. What happens is, we are trained in grade school to fill in any bubble on a multiple choice test rather than leave it empty.

Most ballots say nothing about it but treat an empty section as an abstain vote. A valid fear might then take hold and say to us, "If I don't choose one, a fraud behind the scenes will fill it for me." So, we tend to fill in something, since 'abstain' is not on our list of options.

It turns out that this can give as much as a 7 percentage point lead to the candidate at the top of the list. Many Americans will relate to that feeling on a multiple choice exam, "My time is almost up. I need to just fill in the rest. I want an A grade. Just fill in choice A for the rest." Conveniently, the current incumbent is always at the top of the list. That's a most valuable coincidence to those in positions with no term limits.

Then there's gerrymandering, where they draw district lines straight through the areas where their opposition leads. This is another way for a minority to rule over a majority, by splitting their opposition's groupings in half.

Voting machines are also proven to be hackable. They have zero standards for their integrity. Not even a protection against a conflict of interest, where a candidate can actually own the company that makes the voting machines used in the election they are running in.

Then there's the legalized bribery that goes from donor pocket to politician's mouth.

The US political system is not a Democracy. It's an outright corrupt and fraudulent system that pretends to be a representative democracy. The Republic stands for classism, not liberty.

Therefore, short of an overwhelming push for an honest third party or another civil war, how can such a system be reformed? Many believe that if they get involved with either of the two false dichotomy parties, that they can be reformed from within.

Here's a taste of the challenges set before those internal revolutionaries. To be reformed into an honest democracy, we must:

  • Outlaw political bribery and enforce it

  • Remove delegates and the electoral college from voting in place of the people.

  • Require all ballots to optimise a genuine survey of the people's views without bias using the same critical standards used in statistics, psychology, and sociology.

  • Include 'abstain' as the first option with a definition.

  • Randomize the order of all candidates on each ballot.

  • Give all citizens the same ballot for the same election. No party specific ballots, less the election is specifically for the party.

  • Use an honest alternative and more representative voting system such as Ranked Choice Voting (vetoed by 2 corrupt California governors in a row, btw)

  • Require all ballots have a secure system that has multiple backups: an online confirmation that your vote was counted, a photo image copy of each ballot stored securely, the original paper ballot, zero conflicts of interest, double blind protections in place, etc.

  • Remove any individual from power and society (such as prison) who is caught committing election fraud.

  • Make politicians responsible for the consequences, unintended or otherwise, of their decisions in power.

The final nail in the coffin, if we beat the corrupt American establishment class at their own games, that problem we are faced with if we actually make it to the top of the ladder and genuinely have the personal integrity to free our people of this mess, the reason reforming US politics from within will never succeed in my view is that once you have the power to make these changes, it becomes obvious that these corrupt practices contribute to the power you then hold as a result. We would need to get behind a lot of good leaders, not just one, who will all be willing to give up some of their power out of their own personal integrity once they obtain that power and status in a corrupt system.

That would require that most voters learn to believe a politician when they show who they really are and to never forget it. To hold them accountable for their lies and lack of transparency, rather than repeat propaganda driven excuses, such as "all politicians lie."

I know that I would sacrifice money and power if I were on top, but I don't know too many people who would get behind me at the moment and I don't know many people, let alone strangers, that I could trust would make that choice.

A third party that removes all corruption from its practices stands a better chance at success than this, because when they obtain that power without the practices of a corrupt system, corruption will not play a factor in keeping them there.