• Triston Mendez

Our Revolution LA's Immediate Disaffiliation with People for a Working Democracy and Subsidiaries

Date: February 7, 2021

Contact: Kat Verges, Our Revolution Los Angeles

Twitter: @ourrevolutionla

E-mail: organizing@ourrevolutionla.com

Los Angeles, CA -- In May 2020 ORLA announced its decision to partner with Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) in an effort to build a new political party that truly represents the interests of the poor and working people of America. After much deliberation, we have unfortunately decided to part ways with MPP at this time due to differences in opinion and leadership style - including the structure, treatment of volunteers, and method of operations - that have become apparent during the past few months. Throughout our work with MPP, several members of our organization have observed troubling components of MPP’s organizational structure including non-democratically elected leadership, lack of organizational transparency, lack of member and leadership accountability, and lack of bylaws and rules. Furthermore, our members have observed and experienced a toxic and top-down hierarchical framework within MPP, which we believe is antithetical to the foundation of our motivations to work with them. The most egregious example of this was that when disagreement with the organization leadership was expressed, those speaking up, as well as many who did not express discontent, were removed from the organization, branded as “infiltrators” and accused of leeching members from MPP to the Democratic Party. This level of slander and mistreatment of volunteers who have a difference of opinion will not be tolerated by Our Revolution Los Angeles.

While all of our members are free to participate in any organization they choose, we also would like to be clear about the status of our formal relationship to MPP at this time. We take seriously that many have followed in our footsteps to support MPP, and we support every individual and organization’s right to decide where their efforts are best directed. We feel it is our responsibility, however, to be open to such parties about this change. ORLA has always been and will continue to be committed to electing representatives to government who represent people over profit, policy over politics, and community over corporations. Our platform can be found here. Such goals are our number one priority. We look forward to supporting candidates, individuals, and organizations who align with this purpose, and continuing to embrace the foundational principles of our organization which, above all else are, transparency, democracy, getting money out of politics, and fighting for a peaceful, dignified future for all.