• Triston Mendez

Our Revolution Aggressively Takes Over the Antelope Valley

Written by Triston Mendez, Ace of Diamonds at Our Revolution Los Angeles

As everyone knows, Our Revolution National (ORN) has abandoned their LA chapter for simply choosing to join a Movement for a People’s Party. As Our Revolution continues to exploit Progressive candidates throughout the country for their own personal endeavors, they refuse to endorse them, send them volunteers, or even fundraise for them. They exploit Progressive candidates all around the globe and expect all of them to fall in line, licking the boots of the Democratic Establishment, without delivering anything in return. In fact, when a group of Progressives decides they want to form a new Major Political Party for the people, they are met with hostility, aggression, and lies; this just recently happened to Our Revolution Los Angeles’s (ORLA) splinter group representing the Antelope Valley. ORLA has since published a Press Release regarding the matter.

The hostile takeover of OR Antelope Valley originated in a Facebook group chat with many members of the group. It initially began with the leader, Paul Soto, informing the group of the July 11th action at their local elected official’s house, Mike Garcia. Disagreement over the event from Mathew Wheeler, one of the individuals in question, was made abundantly clear when they responded with “I would be down for the Mike Garcia protest if it wasn’t organized by MPP,” First, that reason is the definition of petty, seeing as MPP has done nothing to instigate any individuals or groups of individuals. Second, if there are no Progressives running against the Congressman in the area, why would you willingly refuse to take advantage of an opportunity to force your locally elected official to hear the needs and demands of their constituents. Third, the gathering of individuals in the community is a golden opportunity to recruit members to a local chapter of Our Revolution LA.

The next response from Mathew Wheeler was the following: “… as a delegate, it probably wouldn’t be wise to show up to an event organized by MPP.” The second half of the message contained a completely arbitrary excuse to not partake in the protest. Really the only thing that can be taken away from this message, is the fact that Mathew Wheeler would rather keep their Corporate Overlords in public office than demand their locally elected officials pledge to represent the demands of their constituents, as we are all being neglected by our own government during this unprecedented time of crisis.

The following messages insinuated that the event coordinated was not Democratically approved, however, if anyone knows literally anything about anything, events can be coordinated by a leader of a group or an individual, but MPP is not a Fascist group like The Proud Boys, therefore ORLA is not a Fascist group. Mathew was also upset over the fact ORLA was a co-sponsor for the event in various areas of LA county, but who is going to lead the event, if it was not initially organized by ORLA? Mathew then asked if every OR chapter in America was a co-sponsor, which they obviously aren’t, seeing as only a few OR chapters have joined the coalition under MPP. Mathew went as far as to insinuate Mike Oles (I’m assuming as they just said Mike) did not approve, since ORSCV, the group located in the area Mike Oles allegedly lives in, was not listed as a co-host.

After these messages, the responses from Mathew Wheeler became very hostile with absolutely no provocation. They expressed their confusion as to why ORLA is even affiliated with MPP. Someone in the group chat made sure to let them know the discussion to join MPP occurred before Mathew joined OR Antelope Valley. Mathew immediately begins to sound cynical as they believe LA “doesn’t care” about the Antelope Valley, which is completely false seeing as the Antelope Valley is one of the most successful sub-chapters under ORLA. Reinforcing their cynical rhetoric, they messaged “… our group seems to be at the whim of Jerry Perez and his political agenda. And I don’t agree with that.” Again, this is a complete falsehood, as the decision to start a new Major Political Party was made as a direct result of a poll asking what direction ORLA should take; this occurred on the day Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for the Democratic Presidential Primary. The only reason ORLA joined MPP, is because the interests of ORLA’s members were parallel with those of MPP.

To make matters worse, Mathew inflated a completely harmless message by Paul (assuming he was genuinely unaware of Mathew Wheeler’s personal pronouns): “Mathew you got to stop man.” Mathew Wheeler responded aggressively bold, saying “Man? My pronouns are they/them, thank you.” Continuing their argument, the next few messages will be shown below, as there is a lot.

This entire conversation was Mathew setting up the conditions necessary to formulate the last message, painting Paul as inconsiderate and transphobic. First, Mathew denied a statement Paul called them out on, which Paul recited almost verbatim. Second, Mathew says they are expressing their feelings, but is clearly attempting to slander Paul in front of the rest of the group. Third, for years OR has had chapters representing Counties within States around America;

Antelope Valley is located within LA County, therefore it makes sense for the Antelope Valley to fall under ORLA. There could always be a democratic vote on seceding from ORLA, but Mathew and Wade didn’t seem to have any intention of allowing that to happen.

Wade’s first response to this whole altercation made it explicitly clear where he stood, on the side of the Democratic Establishment; “Paul… it seems that you are the one that is off base.” Wade and Mathew then claimed to have been apart of the group since before its’ founding, to which there is no verifiable proof, and the person mentioned in Mathew’s claim did not verify throughout the entire altercation. If they did start the group, someone asked them why they are confused the Antelope Valley falls under ORLA, which is a valid question that received this answer, “because when I was trying to get things started, with national, it was not required to be under their umbrella. In fact, everything ORLA does kind of goes against everything I learned.” Again, this proves Mathew fails to be aware of how Our Revolution has conditioned them, and never gave an explicit example of what ORLA has done that goes against Our Revolution.

This altercation ended with Paul resigning as leader, right before Mathew Wheeler denied insinuating Paul was transphobic, and denied spewing nothing but negativity. Wade Alexanders immediately steps in to take charge of the group, subtly pushing his desire to force all members to cancel the event on July 11th. They complained about decisions being made at weekly meetings, which they neglected to attend, but all of a sudden Wade decides “there’s lots to be discussed now given the circumstances” and saying “I’m sure we will all step up.” This entire scenario almost explicitly insinuates Wade intends on taking the main leadership position, to which someone responds to him with “last 2 meetings no one did for secretary,” almost proving this individual cares only about power, nothing more.

Immediately after this attempt to seize control, people immediately start voicing their opinion that they do not feel as if ORAV has the same essence as it did before this altercation. Wade says “The essence of Our Revolution is Bernie Sanders platform;” to that I say, who embodies the Democratic platform more, the Democratic Party or the future People’s Party? I believe the answer is un-ironically obvious. Sadly, Wade believes “National has wiser leadership than ORLA,” yet Wade still blindly believes in reforming a Democratic Party, who has publicly shown America that if an elected official tries to reform the Democratic Party, they will be met with Democratic opposition, in addition to Republican opposition.

This next image speaks for itself.

Let’s break this down once again; first, OR Santa Clarita clearly has strong ties with OR National, who already has it out for groups choosing to exit the Democratic Party. Second, Our Revolution National’s resources are equivalent to those of MPP, aside from the money (only because OR has been around longer). Third, Our Revolution National has neglected multiple chapters across the country, exploiting their candidates and not directing resources, volunteers, or donations/funding towards them. Fourth, the Antelope Valley is riddled with Democratic Loyalist groups, meaning OR Antelope Valley is essentially the only Progressive group in Antelope Valley. Fifth, by the time of the bottom message, two people had left, and 3 people had voiced their intent to leave based on how Wade and Mathew behaved.

At the end of it all, Mathew Wheeler came back and kept trying to play the victim and the LGBTQ card. The biggest face-palm moment came when they asked why they were always met with hostility when they bring things up, despite the fact that every message Mathew Wheeler sent was directly provoking Paul, the former leader of OR Antelope Valley. It pains me to say, that the Antelope Valley may have just fallen to Center-Right-wing Democratic Party, and the Right-wing Republican Party. It is up to us the people to take this area back and elect Progressives to transform this illusionary one-party system into a true two-party system.