Eyes Open Initiative


30 million uninsured.

44 million underinsured.


They’re not just statistics.

They’re people. 


Medicare For All

Bridging the Divide

The fight for Medicare for All is one of compassion and clarity.

How many times have you heard "I don't want to lose my private insurance"?

Some may reply with "many don't have insurance at all."

It's easy to label the first person as selfish, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

The average voter wades through staggering statistics everyday, but the numbers have no context in our daily lives. It's difficult to conceptualize 30 million dollars, 30 million years, or 30 million people without access to healthcare.

Everyone has a right to quality healthcare in the richest country in the world.

It's time we put a face on the numbers so our lawmakers cannot ignore millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans hidden in plain sight. They are your friends, neighbors, workers, strangers, (what are some other good ones?)

They are your community.

Our Dream

Eyes Open

It's easier to empathize with what you can see. We want you to be seen.


Our Revolution Los Angeles is launching an initiative to bring awareness to the healthcare crisis in America. We've created a series of lapel pins to help show our lawmakers that you are more than a statistic. They need to be shown how a lack of sufficient health care impacts the everyday lives of the working class, and if they do not unapologetically support providing healthcare as a right to everyone in this country, then we will not support them.

I'm willing to fight for someone I don't know.


Red indicates that you are



Yellow indicates that you are



Green indicates that you are


Pins are 1" diameter Cloisonné hard enamel over "gold finish." Made in America! Each pin comes with the Machinists Union label stamped on the back.

With a small $15 suggested donation, you will be gifted a pin color of your choice.

Make a Pre-Donation

It's Time To Be Seen

Are you ready to tell your story?

Our "Eyes Open" Kickoff will commence January 1, 2020.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders fought to bring Medicare For All into the national discourse. In 2019, many Democratic candidates have used the language of Medicare For All in major parts of their platforms. In 2020, our momentum will continue to grow. 

Imagine how your lawmaker would react to entering a town hall full of red pins. Those who bear the impact of living without healthcare need to be at the center of the conversation. We all need to stand together in solidarity no matter our circumstances and advocate for the rights of our fellow Americans.

January 1. We will be seen. We will be heard.

January 1, 2020

Why do you advocate?

On January 1, we will spread awareness and show our support for Medicare for All by wearing our pins to show how this crisis affects us personally.

Record your health care story and post it online with the hashtag #EyesOpen

This can include a moment when a lack of healthcare changed your life forever or simply how a lack of care affects your everyday decision-making. People truly do not understand the consequences of living with the knowledge that you cannot go to a hospital or dentist's office whenever you need care.


It may feel difficult to publicly discuss your personal experiences, but the more we share, the more we realize that we are not alone. We need to show the world what a country looks like when we don't provide basic human decency and dignity to our fellow Americans by prioritizing what's most important: our health.


Fight For Justice

How Your Donation Helps

Our Revolution Los Angeles understands that our country is not thriving unless all of us are thriving. It’s uncomfortable for many to hear, but our country’s leaders do not believe that the health and well being of our nation’s most vulnerable, marginalized communities matter as much as upper-class communities with more money and influence. We have been desensitized to the staggering number of Americans without healthcare or houses. It’s important to realize that in the most powerful, wealthy country in the world, our leaders could choose to allocate the resources to fixing these problems and they actively choose not to do so.

Our organization will use these donations to organize for political candidates that believe in the ideals America claims to hold. We will support uncorrupted candidates that not only support our working class, but champion our working class and aggressively fight for legislation that


promotes equality and justice for all Americans, no matter who they are or where they come from. We will take our government back for the people.

We understand some people cannot make donations due to their financial circumstances. If you are unable to donate, please consider volunteering with local candidates that champion Medicare For All and do not accept corporate-pac donations. Your time is the most important part of this movement. We appreciate your support and your commitment to fighting for your rights.


We only lose if we stop trying, and we only win together.

Our Healthcare Crisis

The Problem

It’s maddening how our lawmakers go about their days knowing 30 million people don’t have healthcare. It creates a system incentivizing people to ignore check-ups and early symptoms of illness by building a barrier of high costs. Ignoring preventative care leads to more harmful and costlier problems down the road. Stating that people have access to emergency rooms implies that allowing people’s health concerns to devolve into an emergency is acceptable. It is not.

Medical bills adversely impact every part of our lives. People forgo paying for groceries, clothing, and rent and eat into their savings, with healthcare costs being a major cause of bankruptcy in America. Our healthcare system reinforces our country’s inescapable cycle of poverty often times forcing Americans to take on high interest debt and take out loans. Poverty and chronic illness also make it more difficult to find good paying jobs. Research has shown that higher income is tied to better health. Low-income families are more likely to get sick, have poorer care available to them, and go without care due to rising costs. In America, your health is for sale, and many in power believe that is perfectly acceptable.

We live in a tragic era of American politics where health insurance companies are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money on influencing our lawmakers and voters. We cannot trust that the lawmakers who are against guaranteeing healthcare as a right are holding honest views that can be changed through argument. Unfortunately, the most effective method of persuasion used against those who accept corporate donations is the use of political pressure. If they believe that their power is dependent upon the will of the people over the interests of their campaign donors, they will move towards Medicare for All.

Learn more:

Leave no one behind.

Healthcare is a Human Right

The Solution

Every American has a constitutional right to life, liberty, and property. Health is not a matter that should be dependent upon the free market. As the wealthiest nation in the world, the United States has an obligation to guarantee healthcare to its citizens. Every modernized country provides healthcare to its people, and the U.S. must denounce special interest money from healthcare companies and prioritize the health and well-being of the nation.

Several Medicare for All bills have been introduced in Congress that would cover all health needs for everyone in America under a single-payer system.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal's bill would be implemented in only two years.

Medicare For All Act of 2019 - Rep. Pramila Jayapal

"Among other requirements, the program must (1) cover all U.S. residents; (2) provide for automatic enrollment of individuals upon birth or residency in the United States; and (3) cover items and services that are medically necessary or appropriate to maintain health or to diagnose, treat, or rehabilitate a health condition, including hospital services, prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse treatment, dental and vision services, and long-term care."

H.R. 1384 - Congress.gov

Break it Down: Current Health Care Costs vs. Medicare for All


"How are you going to pay for it?" is a legitimate question from the American people but a disingenuous question from politicians and media figures. Several legislators have drafted different options to pay for Medicare for All in their bills. An honest conversation would include critiques of payment methods; however, "How will you pay for it?" is a talking point used to paint Medicare for All as an unserious, impossible fairytale. Those who do not acknowledge that there are proposed payment methods in these bills should not be taken seriously.

Furthermore, the method of payment should not overshadow the principle of guaranteeing healthcare as a right. Our public discourse often includes conversations about the morality of military intervention without discussing costs, while the opposite is true when discussing healthcare. The goal of our Eyes Open Initiative is to spread of awareness of the healthcare crisis and get our lawmakers to truly empathize with the fact that 30 million people do not have healthcare and millions more are underinsured. We need to treat that fact as an emergency. We need Medicare for All.

Make a small $15 pre-donation and you will be sent a lapel pin for our January 1 kick-off. 

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