Our Mission

We shall strengthen the burgeoning progressive movement and support corruption-free campaigns in LA County that lead to a government devoid of big money influence. We educate and empower citizens in order to champion legislation that reflects the interests of Angelenos. Through civic outreach and grassroots organizing, we’ll work towards creating a community that benefits everyone regardless of their background.

Our Values

The members of this chapter value democracy, liberty, solidarity, and justice within a responsible and ethical method of governance. Members agree to support legislative efforts and nominate candidates that promote the welfare of the populace of Los Angeles County while  maintaining financial independence from special interest lobbying  including, but not limited to, corporate campaign contributions and super-pacs.

Our Goal

The goal of progressive activism is always to ensure we  enact policies that represent the best interests of the majority of Americans  over the few elites who currently have an undue influence over our government. We will accomplish this by electing uncorrupted representatives that are accountable to the people, not multi-billion dollar corporations.

Our Vision

In the richest country in the world, everybody should be entitled to their health, a home, clean water, nutritious food, and an education. Our current disgraceful Congress can't even meet those standards of basic human decency. This revolution will not only meet those standards but exceed them as we strive to uphold the values that this country claims to have. We will restore our democracy.

"My hope for America and the activists is that they never, ever go back to sleep, and they keep fighting for social justice, equality, and decency."

- Nina Turner

It's time for change.